SPOTLIGHT: Tupperware!

Tupperware is something us thirty-somethings all remember from our childhood. Our moms and grandmothers had it. We had cups and plates and the whole nine yards. It’s weird how something like that can be stuck in your head as a memory. 

It’s because Tupperware is a household staple. There is no comparison between true Tupperware and all the imitations you can buy at the local Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart brand doesn’t have those memories attached. 

I recently rediscovered Tupperware through all of my networking friends on Facebook.

I literally had no idea they still had Tupperware “parties.” Sure they now come in all shapes and sizes including FACEBOOK parties where you don’t have to serve snacks or even get dressed, but guess what? ITS STILL THE SAME AWESOME TUPPERWARE! 

So being the direct sales supporter that I am, I had my first Tupperware Party on Facebook this week! Siarra Jones, the Tupperware lady (that’s what we’ve always called them!), made it super simple! She did all the work, i just invited my family and friends. Super easy. She was great with communication, keeping me informed of everything along the way. You can find Siarra’s Tupperware Group on Facebook at Siarra’s Totally Tupperware and host your own quick and easy party! Tell her I sent you! She’ll take good care of all my friends!

As a hostess I earned free product and half price product! This is what I got from my little party! 

I am so excited to try my classic Tupperware! My favorite is that bottom right hand corner, Breakfast Maker! You can make an omelette or two single eggs in the microwave!!! And they just slide right out! Finally a way to get my eggs for breakfast on those too-short weekday mornings!