My Boys

G and J. 

How can I narrow down my favorite two humans life into one blog post? I’ll tell you about them and then you’ll obviously see us on our journey. 

G is my first born son. He was born in September 2007. Right after I turned 27. He had tons of hair and it was down to his collar bone! He was the absolute cutest thing in the world. And I do not think all babies are cute (don’t lie, you don’t either.) 

Watching him grow has been a wonderful experience as he has started learning his personality, at almost 10 years old now. 

He likes reading, video games, music, movies and Mexican food !

J is a light in this world. If you’d ever met him you’d know this boy knows no strangers. He adores babies, animals and old people!

He was born in June after a horrible pregnancy. 2010. He was full term but something went wrong that no one can explain. He was ok and I held him after my csection. Then they said his blood sugar was low and they were gonna take him to NICU to get it up. Well somehow on the way there the problem changed to having a pneumothorax (hole in his lung). He spent two weeks in NICU going from ventilator, to hood oxygen, to high flow, to normal and then out the door! He had wires and feeding tubes and lines everywhere. The nurse in me fled my body and left nothing but a terrified mommy behind. 

However he was the fattest baby in NICU at 9lbs 5oz. :). This child of mine was the cherub style cute. With all his rolls and beautiful blue eyes. 

He still couldn’t catch a break though. Now he has ADHD and it has hindered him so much at school. But we work hard to overcome it between home and school. It comes with a lot of trials on this journey of ours. 

He just turned 7! Now he is a healthy always happy gentle sweet boy who is a great little dancer and singer! 

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