Who Am I?

My first thought was….I should introduce myself. People want to know whose thoughts and life they are reading about. Right?

Well I hope so at least.

Over the years I’ve tried blogging for different reasons but never kept up with it for long. I did have one that was personal for things I had written like poems and short stories long ago that I kept up with for a good year to year and a half. But that was the most I’ve done.

This blog. This blog is my new home. My place to talk about things I find important. And I hope and pray it brings light or empowerment to women everywhere.

That is my goal. That is my WHY for my personal business and my blog. I had been praying and praying for something fulfilling to come into my life.

Funny thing, I was on YouTube randomly watching things as is my norm.  When lo and behold I come across a video by a woman named Heather Shriver Burns. For those who do not know, she is a Crown Princess in the company I work for. She’s not MY crown princess but I still respect her and her videos greatly. Anyway. I was watching her video about Senegence. And it was flooded with faith. I cried. I knew right that second God brought me to that video for a purpose. She was His tool to open my eyes to the opportunity.

I have zero doubt that God has placed me in this Senegence business because it is my place for ministry.

Now keep with me here.

Yes, I believe fully God wants me to play with makeup as my ministry in life for HIM.

This business has and will continue to place me in the path and friendships of more women than I could have ever connected with in my small little personal world.

So my business is to serve the Lord by talking about my faith, and helping women become empowered in their businesses and strong in their faith. Maybe even to encourage them to use their business in the same way.

I absolutely love what I do. Probably because I’m doing it for the right reasons. Am I making tons of money? Nope. But that’s not what God told me to do. He will provide and He will prosper what and when He wants. I’m here following the Leader.

I plan on collaborating with other direct sale businesses with reviews on my blog. There is almost nothing more important to a business than networking and collaborating to build relationships and a community of support.

Now about who I am other than a very outspoken Christian.

I am a 37 year old Texan. I have two sweet boys G is almost 10 and J. Just turned 7! Boy does time fly. Until all the ducks are in a row, I work as a director at a home health agency. I’ve been an RN since 2002. My relationship with my God has grown leaps and bounds the last year and grows more intimate daily. We have a sweet dog named Maggie and a big fat old cat named Jinx.

I’m always available to talk! Whether it be about my faith or my business, or even if you just need someone to listen. People have forgotten what true friendship is. I value friendship so much the older I get.

Live with purpose.

Welcome to my Journey.

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